We are pleased to offer you a new payment option:
 Direct ACH Payment from your checking or savings account!   
 Now you don’t have to write a check, find a stamp, get the payment mailed, and hope you remembered to do it before the due date.  Just fill out the authorization form below and mail it back with your current month’s payment, and we’ll do the rest. 

On your billing date we’ll e-mail your statement to you and draft the balance due from your checking or savings account on the following Friday. 
 Direct ACH Payment saves you!

·         Saves you time—you don’t have to write a check and find a stamp!

·         Saves you money—in postage and checks!

·         Saves you hassle—no risk of interrupted service because you lost your bill or forgot to mail your payment! 

Direct ACH Payment is easy to sign up for and easy to cancel.  If you ever want to stop, just notify us in writing (please allow us a week before your scheduled payment date).
Authorization for Direct ACH Payment 

I authorize The MultiPro Network to initiate entries to my checking/savings account.  This authority will remain in effect until I notify you in writing to cancel it in such time as to afford you a reasonable opportunity to act on it. 

Bank name ___________________________________________________________ 

Bank address__________________________________________________________ 

Name on bank account ____________________________    Checking__   Savings __ 

Routing number*___________________    Account number*_____________________ 

Name on Internet account, if different _______________________________________ 

Registration number (upper-right side of your statement)  ________________________ 

Signature_______________________________________ Date___________________   
*If you’re unsure of these numbers, attach a voided check and we’ll fill them in for you.


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